Yecke Comes to Wynne


Marion Holloway

Marion Holloway, Reporter

Dennis Yecke has been hired as a new sergent for ROTC to partner with Sergeant Dennis Roberts.

Coming to Wynne as a retired marine, he offers experience- as an instructor at the University of Minnesota, The Marine Leadership Academy in Chicago and twenty-five years of leadership in the state government. Yecke says of coming to Wynne, “I felt like I had something to offer to the young people and I had a good feeling from the administrators here.”

Yecke wants to make sure all of his cadets are successful in all classes. He believes education is of utmost importance. He expects for his students to put their best effort forward, and pushes them to live up to the potential he knows they have.  Yecke wants to make sure all of his cadets have success in all classes; “I believe education is of utmost importance.”

Yecke says his methods differ because he wants to make sure his students get treated respectfully.

“I begin by logically instructing the cadets with informative powerpoint lectures.”

Dennis Roberts believes they both share the same concern for the program. He says, “Yeckes very organized and brings fresh ideas”. Roberts says, “His desire is to empower cadets, which can improve the program”. Roberts feels that “they work together well, because they both are heading in the same direction and they have open communication”.