Wynne Welcomes Coach Lemke


Ariel Murry, Reporter and Assistant Editor

Coach Johnny Lemke- former Yellowjacket- comes back to Wynne as a Senior High Assistant Football Coach, and World History instructor. Lemke has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Physical Education from Henderson State University, where he played linebacker. Lemke explains why he came back to Wynne saying, “to be part of a school and community that prides itself on academics and athletics as well as being closer to family.” Lemke adds what he likes about World History: “The fact that it covers the world through different time periods.”

As assistant Coach for Senior High Football he shares the goals,”take the season one game at a time, prepare with laser focus, execute the game plan, hustle every game, win state championship.” Lemke focuses saying “Making sure that my players know their alignment, assignment, and use of proper technique.” Also with juggling teaching and coaching Lemke says, “It is more of a balancing act but I approach them the same way: make a plan, communicate needs, expectations, goals, and at the end we will have hopefully accomplished what we set out to do”.

Some of Mr. Lemke’s World History Students add what they think about him as a teacher. Emma Sexton, a student at Wynne High School says, ” He’s fun, nice, and lets you have freedom.” Another student Lathan Mcknight says, “He is very laidback and chill, he’s a great teacher, and you feel like you can learn from him.” Another student Corea Welch says, “He is a good teacher, and I really like his class. He lets us work the way we need to work.”

As a former Yellow Jacket, Lemke shares his  thoughts on how much the school’s changed in the past 10 years, “The gym, freshman academy, and weight room are the biggest changes. They are all a lot nicer than they were while I was here. The cafeteria looks a lot nicer with walls painted.” Looking back, his advice to students trying to become successful: “Don’t be afraid to ask. If you are not sure about something, ask. Be an advocate for yourself.” Lemke also adds his personal belief, “If a man asks for help, you help him. More hands make less work. Don’t be rude.”