Living the Yellowjacket Dream


Raelyn Winfrey and Kiara Griffin, Head Editor/Reporter, Reporter

Bruce Guthrie replaces Keith Watson as principal after 12 years; with a new principal comes a few changes.

Mr. Bruce Guthrie has had experience in education for 12 years. He served as a football coach for WHS for 2 years before transferring to Searcy as a science and math teacher, and also a baseball, soccer, and football coach. He served as Des Arc principal for three years before returning to Wynne to “Live the YellowJacket Dream” as head principal.

“I had my first job as coach from this school. There’s a saying that we said back in the day”; pulling out his custom made Yellow jacket key chain, Guthrie says, “Once a Jacket, always a Jacket. I am living the Yellow jacket dream.”

Mr Guthrie believes in enforcing the rules. He states that,”Some of the rules are lenient and some are strict”.  He also states that ”Discipline will impact our school the most”. Guthrie admits the teachers have the hardest time enforcing the ID badge rule, and students have a hard time with the earbud rule. He says, “The students are doing great with following the rules and being respectful, and taking responsibility for their actions”.

Guthrie has made a change at WHS. He has changed one rule- eating outside during lunch. The reason he has changed that rule is because students kept putting their trash on the ground. He says, “I don’t wanna clean up trash everyday.”

Two students who go to Wynne High School comment on why they think Mr. Bruce Guthrie is a good addition to Wynne High School.

Dmarrious Maxwell (10) says,”I think he’s a good principal because he added the ACT Course for the 11th and 12th and that will help us get where we need to be for college”. Cedadrian Williams (12) says,”He’s a laid back Principle. On the first day of school, I could see him interact more with students. I see that since he came we have more order. I believe he is getting our school on the right track”.