A Reflection of Cultural Change at Wynne High School

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Our principal Keith Watson is retiring. The Yellowjacket takes a look into the culture of Wynne High School reaching forward into tomorrow.
Teacher Tommie Westbrook speaks on the technological advancements and how they affect her classroom.
“When I learned how to type I learned how to type on a typewriter” – Mrs. Westbrook
Counselor Lori Fowler depicts the slight decline in school spirit.
“…pep-rally’s now I’m surprised we do not always have kids who stay, we have kids who leave and go home…” – Mrs. Fowler
Principal Keith Watson comments on growing in student focus over the years.
“We are more student focused and student lead than we were 20 years ago, as far as trying to make sure each student was successful and that they would graduate on time” – Mr. Watson
The culture of Wynne High School has  changed by many aspects including the academies, modern technology, and school spirit.

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