Once a Jacket, Always a Jacket: 2019 Reflects

MaryKatherine Osborne

Over the years Wynne High School has gone through many changes.  The class of 2019 reflects on the culture over the past four years as they get ready for graduation.

For senior Carter Jones WHS culture has not changed much to him.  “I still thought the same about Wynne High School since I started going here.”

For senior Anastasia Isreal WHS culture has changed a little especially with school spirit.  “It seems like pep rally’s were more fun when we were little than they are now.”

For senior Payton Houston a lot has changed with WHS culture.  “I think that the biggest change is the attitude the school has over all.  They learned how to deal with different situations in a better way.”

For senior Whitt Bassham the biggest cultural change was through sports and sporting events.  “At basketball games we use to have a student section, we really don’t have much of one anymore.”

It is safe to say that Wynne High School through the years has left a lasting impact on this years graduating class.  Remember Once a Jacket, always a Jacket.

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