April 3: Student Ambassador Conference


There are more classes than what is shown in the picture. Credit: Wynne High School Ambassadors

Jarida Lily Hess, Editor/Contributor

Wynne High School principal Keith Watson will soon be sending out e-mails to every student to sign up for 4 classes for the Student Ambassador Conference this coming Wednesday, April 3.

This conference will be held in order to allow all students of WHS to learn more about the prospective careers or career fields that they would like to go into in the future. Sophomore student ambassador Candice Williams says “This conference will last from 1st to 3rd block. Lunch will be at the same time. We hope you guys enjoy the conference. When the first bell rings at 7:50 AM, that’s when you go to the advisory class. Whenever the guest speaker is done talking, you will go to your first rotation.”