2019 Boys and Girls Soccer


Brandon Goodwin, Writer

The Jackets kick off the 2019 season off 0-0-1 along with the girls starting off 1-0-0! On Friday, February 22, 2019, the girl’s soccer team beat Marion 1-0. Sophomore Anna Parker scored the goal for the Jackets.

The boys tied Marion 2-2. Junior Dylan McCay scored both goals for the Jackets. Senior Samuel Graves says, “We were down 2-0 at the half so we switched up our lineup for offense and defense. We then came back to tie the game in the second half.”

Ali Alghaithy says, “Our main goals are to work as a team and to win more games and to prove that hard work pays off.”

The Jackets mainly focus on teamwork this year due to last years season not being so hot.

Emily Roberts says, “I feel like this year’s team has a lot of potentials. We’ve shown a lot of improvement since last year and we’ve all been working hard to have a good season. I think the hardest team to beat is Valley View because we’ve never won against them, but we’ve begun to have a positive mindset about it!”

Both teams; however, got new coaching staffs. Former girls’ head coach Adam Goins now coaches for the boys’. Dennis Roberts, also known as Top, now coaches for the girls’. Along with Patrick Cantrell as an assistant.

Friday, March 1, 2019, and Saturday, March 2, 2019, the boys played a tournament at Paragould. In the boys game, they got down 1-0 at the half and then lost 3-1 against Paragould. The boys would go on to lose 3-1 against Westside. The boys would go on to lose again 2-0 against Brookland. In the girls game, the girls tied 0-0 at the half and then lost 3-0.

Kyra Dobson says, “We’re learning to work together and I think we’ll do good this year.”

The Jackets continue the rest of the 2019 soccer season with 7 games and 1 tournament remaining.