What’s Your North? STN


Jacket Action News: Alana Hopkins

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Candice Williams, Author/Photographer

March 27th through April 1st, the Jacket Action News staff, a baker’s dozen of 13, send 10 students, including 6 seniors, North to Seattle, Washington to represent Wynne, Arkansas at the International Student Television Network Convention and competition.  

Junior Camille Cathey began the excitement with a surprise call from the CEO of STN, Nancy Held Loucas. Out of a host of students auditioning internationally, STN chose Cathey to present awards at the convention; Cathey honors not only Wynne but Arkansas. Broadcast instructor Jane Andrews says  “The ceremonies at STN are much like the Academy Awards where those selected partner with others around the world to present the awards on stage.” Andrews goes on to say “Only 11 were selected internationally, making Camille the only one to represent our entire state. What an exciting honor! This has only happened one other time.” Fayetteville and Searcy will also have teams in Seattle.

Cathey will partner with a young man from Indiana. Cathey says she auditioned for this position with a last minute change in the video on the topic “When It Rains, It Pours.” Originally Andrews and Cathey say they had completely planned something different. “It was crazy because Mrs. Andrews and I worked on it for a couple of days and decided last minute to make the change. After 2 days of work, we made the change in like 10 minutes. When we filmed it was 23 degrees outside!” 

Choosing to go on this journey to compete include Seniors Jake Andrews, Andrew Mohr, Mia Null, Ley McFadden, Emily Hirons, and Mallory Ellis; Juniors include Holden Parker, Camille Cathey, and  Rayleigh House. Only 1 sophomore will compete with the team: Spencer Parker. Parker says “I’m a little scared; I’ve never flown before, but I’m excited to learn things that will help me in years to come. Even though I am the only sophomore, I look forward to this because I like my team; they’re like a family.”

The theme for the Student Television Network this year is “What’s Your North?” This month they submit their best work of the year; in addition, while there, they look forward to competing in on-site Anchoring, Promo, Public Service Announcement, and Action-Sports editing.  As a team they will work together to create Jacket Action News on a given STN topic within the city of Seattle; STN calls this “the crazy 8.” The team will only have 8 hours to make the magic happen.

Seniors Andrews, Null, and Hirons say they think it will be easier completing the big competition in only 8 hours. “The most important thing is not necessarily winning; it’s making the deadline! We work well together under pressure,” says Null.

They ask for you to wish them well on their journey and also ask for your support as they continue their fundraiser, “Operation Wynne Matters.” To show where Wynne is in the world, they would like for you to purchase one of their t-shirts with Wynne’s exact coordinates that boast Wynne’s small-town location!