Senior Students Sign for College Sports

Jarida Lily Hess, Editor/Contributor

Wednesday February 6, 2019 senior students Levia Taegtmeyer and Allen Watson sign to play college ball. Both students sign for athletic scholarships.

Levia Taegtmeyer excels in volleyball, being scouted by Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas. Levia goes on to say this at her signing: “Y’all made my dream come true.” Remembering Levia as a leader who diligently worked with her teammates for her final WHS volleyball season, Volleyball Co-Coach Codie Lancaster says this about Taegtmeyer: “She is an extremely hard worker who we’d like to thank for everything she’s done for us this season. We’re going to miss her so much.”

Allen Watson moves to sign for football at Coffeyville Community College in Coffeyville, Kansas, becoming their new middle linebacker. Favoring football, Allen says “I feel like Coffeyville is the new home for me. Even though I don’t have like have any friends down there and I really don’t know anyone, it’s a big goal and win for me. Its just that I give all I got, and I am not going to just give up. I will be the best I can be.” 

Both Levia and Allen, in moving towards their future, continue to exceed expectation and commit to personal victories.