All-Region Band


Picture taken by and edited by MaryKatherine Osborne.

MaryKatherine Osborne, Editor

January 12, 2019, 19 WHS Band students went to Searcy High School to try out for All-Region.  13 students qualified for All-Region band, and 7 qualified to try out for All-State.  When they audition, they have a few pieces prepared and do a blind audition.  From those auditions, a few people from each section get selected to play in a band.  This year WHS All-Region qualifiers are:


Breanna Nichols- 1st band, 7th chair

Bailey Pearson- 1st band, 12th chair


Jolene Colvin- 1st band, 19th chair

Whitney Barnes- 2nd band, 13th chair

Bailey Richardson- 2nd band, 18th chair


Hayden Hirons- 1st band, 3rd chair

Markell Cox- 1st band, 2nd chair

Catherine Arnold- Alternate

Jalen Nickerson- Alternate


Caleb Arnold- 1st band, 2nd chair

Mackenzie Epps- 2nd band, 6th chair


Logan Jackson- 2nd band, 11th chair

Charlie Glass- 2nd band, 12th chair

Sam Graves- Alternate


Zach Bynum- 1st band, 3rd chair

Trinity Peeler- 1st band, 8th chair


Congratulations  Jackets!