• Apr 16, 10:19 amApril 18: Home Girls' Soccer v. Brookland @ 5

  • Apr 16, 10:15 amApril 18: Home Boys' Soccer v. Brookland @ 7

  • Apr 16, 9:29 amMay 1: Local Awards Assembly

  • Apr 16, 9:28 amApril 30: University Academic Scholarship Assembly

  • Apr 16, 9:28 amApril 26: Senior Reveal Day!

  • Apr 16, 9:26 amApril 22: Scholarship Banquet @ 6-8 in Cafeteria

  • Apr 16, 9:26 amApril 19: GOOD FRIDAY!!!

  • Apr 16, 9:24 amApril 25: Vocational Completer Banquet

  • Apr 16, 9:23 amApril 23 & 25: Sophomore ACT Aspire Testing

  • Apr 16, 9:22 amApril 16 & 17: Freshmen ACT Aspire


All-Region Band

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All-Region Band

Picture taken by and edited by MaryKatherine Osborne.

Picture taken by and edited by MaryKatherine Osborne.

Picture taken by and edited by MaryKatherine Osborne.

Picture taken by and edited by MaryKatherine Osborne.

MaryKatherine Osborne, Editor

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January 12, 2019, 19 WHS Band students went to Searcy High School to try out for All-Region.  13 students qualified for All-Region band, and 7 qualified to try out for All-State.  When they audition, they have a few pieces prepared and do a blind audition.  From those auditions, a few people from each section get selected to play in a band.  This year WHS All-Region qualifiers are:


Breanna Nichols- 1st band, 7th chair

Bailey Pearson- 1st band, 12th chair


Jolene Colvin- 1st band, 19th chair

Whitney Barnes- 2nd band, 13th chair

Bailey Richardson- 2nd band, 18th chair


Hayden Hirons- 1st band, 3rd chair

Markell Cox- 1st band, 2nd chair

Catherine Arnold- Alternate

Jalen Nickerson- Alternate


Caleb Arnold- 1st band, 2nd chair

Mackenzie Epps- 2nd band, 6th chair


Logan Jackson- 2nd band, 11th chair

Charlie Glass- 2nd band, 12th chair

Sam Graves- Alternate


Zach Bynum- 1st band, 3rd chair

Trinity Peeler- 1st band, 8th chair


Congratulations  Jackets!


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I am MaryKatherine Osborne. I am 18 years old and I am a senior this year at Wynne High School. I am the admin of the WHS Newspaper.  I am in drama club,...

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