Gun Safety: Can you have fun while being safe?


Photo By: Russell Winders

Annabelle Evans

Do you consider yourself an avid hunter? Do you hunt ducks, geese, deer, turkey, and even coyote? If so, there are many things you should know about handling your gun before heading out on your early morning hunt.

When walking out to your duck blind or deer stand, always keep firearms unloaded when not in use. Don’t only rely on your gun’s safety.

Also, always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. When it comes to handling a gun during a hunt, Junior Will Hood says “It’s my number one priority. I always make sure when my gun is loaded.”

When you finally find that big buck, fast duck, or gigantic turkey that you have waited for, make double sure of your target and what’s beyond it. Junior Max Henson says “I always treat my gun as if it’s loaded and always pay attention to my surroundings.”

Hood also says “I make sure where I point the barrel and also what I shoot at.” Always make sure the barrel of your gun shows clear of obstructions before shooting; if your gun fails to fire during the process, continue to handle the gun with care.

Keep your guns unloaded at all times when not in use. Hood says “I normally put my gun in a case to protect it and make sure it’s unloaded.”

Once at home, lock the gun in a cabinet, safe, gun vault, or storage case. Lock the bullets in a place separate from the gun, and hide the keys to the locked storage so no “little hands” get ahold of them. Junior Holden Parker says “At home, I keep my guns in a corner in my room. My mom and sister know gun safety and don’t mess with them there. I keep the ammo outside in the garage.”

When not used properly or put in the wrong hands, guns can have extremely dangerous outcomes. Parker says “People that know little about guns should only operate them under supervision from someone that does. It’s very easy to go to courses and learn how to operate one to protect themselves or just use them.”

Hood adds “A gun is not a toy. It’s a lethal weapon and should be treated like one. Gun safety is essential.”

Henson also adds “I believe guns can be dangerous around people that don’t take certain precautions, but not something to be afraid of.”

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