Wynne Yellowjackets Commemorate New Traditions, Raising Morale

Candice Williams and MaryKatherine Osborne- photographer

The week of Jan.14-Jan.18, 2019, Wynne High School held its very first Basketball Spirit Week, bringing both a victory for morale and a new tradition. 2019 goes down in history as the first year a basketball spirit week has ever happened.

Basketball Spirit Weekdays included:

  • Thrift Shop – Mismatched
  • Thriller – Costume
  • Let’s Get Physical – Workout
  • Fancy – Preppy Day
  • Our House – Blue and Gold

“We had a lot of participation; in the future, we hope it grows. I know as a senior my wish is that the cheerleaders and student council continue to brainstorm ideas that will promote involvement from all students,” Senior cheerleader and Vice President of Student Council Margaret Miller states in regards to the Basketball Spirit Week.

During her interview, Junior Stella Myers explains exactly why she comes out to the majority of all the games, “I come out to almost every single basketball game because of the student section. Standing there and going crazy with your friends in support of the team is so much fun. I think spirit week got our players excited just as much as we were as well.”

The biggest climax occurred on Friday after a week of anticipation. During the week, cheerleading coach Jennifer Wilson creates a new challenge to exhibit a little more pep. Forced to remain silent for the day, cheerleaders wore decorative plates around their necks. If during that Friday, the cheerleaders talked to someone, that person would get their plate.

The student who has the plate at the pep rally got to pie a cheerleader in the face!  “I think homecoming week and the day we didn’t get to talk made the pep rally and school a lot more funny and fun. I enjoyed the challenge!” Sophomore cheerleader Macy Morris states.

The season has had its ups and downs, but the week’s activities boost pride.

After a loss of morale, the basketball team has felt the support from faculty and staff to attempt a comeback. Sophomore player Marteez Jackson (#24), says this about how they keep their heads up during a game, “My team keeps me going because they give me the energy to go hard on every play.”

Senior Jacoran Coleman, (#20) says “Even though we’ve lost most of our games this season, we’ve been improving teamwork-wise and just getting our minds right. Even though we didn’t get the win the night of Basketball HOCO, we had a lot of support and that to me was the greatest feeling.”

The Freshman girl basketball team, often seen as the underdogs, have run into a big boost with a winning vibe and the energy has shifted. Freshman Londyn McDaniel, (#14), says “I was excited to have recognition for basketball. I liked having a Basketball Spirit HOCO. I feel like I have a lot to prove because I am a freshman. The momentum and the crowd keep me going during a game. It’s all about connecting on the court with my team when they’re down on themselves. I realize during a game it’s do or die. They are a great team to play with. Our bond has gotten better over the season.”

For more information on the upcoming basketball team schedule, visit the following link below: http://www.maxpreps.com/high-schools/wynne-yellowjackets-(wynne,ar)/sports.htm