Addiction: What Do You Struggle With?

Annabelle Evans

The human body can endure many things. It can handle things from injuries to stress affecting the mind. However, what we do to our bodies can become damaging. We all experience different things, but no one can reach absolute perfection. Sometimes we fall off the edge or just develop a habit we do not think could hurt us. Many of us develop addictions over time.

Addiction can range from something uncommon to something dangerously extreme. Addiction can come from anything such as: food, shopping, dieting, alcohol, drugs, and even love. Oh yes, you read that right. Even love can lead to an addiction for some people.

Addiction has become a huge issue among today’s teens and young adults. Most young people do not understand the harm that little things, such as vapes, can cause. Vape addiction continues to rise, containing as much nicotine as a cigarette.
Chewing tobacco, also known as “Dip,” has become an issue for younger males. The amount of nicotine that dip contains makes the individual constantly crave it. After trying it once, it becomes an addiction.

Going on a shopping spree every once in awhile doesn’t make you a “shopping addict,” but doing it excessively can cause real damage. Because of the excess spending, many shopping addicts face financial problems and can eventually go into debt.

Dieting shows yet another example of a potentially fatal addiction that affects thousands of people all over the world, including some in our very own Wynne. Dieting remains the number 1 New Year’s Resolution almost every year, though many do not keep up with their hopeful weight-loss tactics. For some though, the diet never stops. Losing weight can feel like a good thing right? Well yes, but it can also prove harmful if it becomes an addiction. Dieting can lead to death if not done properly. Insecure individuals judge themselves for never losing weight, even when they do.

Although many other addictions exist, the ones listed above prove very common in today’s society. The extremities of addiction can go a long way, and some people do not overcome them. Exposed to addiction at an early age, the younger generations demonstrate rises in addiction.