2018-2019 Football Season Comes to an End


Camille Cathey

Top Row, Left to Right: Jadacus Nelson (#23), Darnell Waits (#52), Brennan Shaver (#42), Austin Randall (#73), Allen Watson (#13), Holden Parker (#12), Colden Davis (#16), Jake Andrews (#75), Devontae Cannon (#66) Bottom Row, Left to Right: Andrew Mohr (#5), Whitt Bassham (#2), Wesley Gatlin (#1), Kavion Alston (#6), Camron Holmes (#17), Kelly Evans (#74), Hunter Williams (#54)

Jarida Lily Hess, Editor/Contributor/Podcast Producer

All-State: Wesley Gatlin (#1), Holden Parker (#12), Allen Watson (#13), Brennan Shaver (#42); All-Conference : Allen Watson (#13), Brennan Shaver (#42), Wesley Gatlin (#1), Andrew Mohr (#5), Hunter Williams (#54), Kavion Alston (#6), Camron Holmes (#17), Holden Parker (#12); HM: Jadacus Nelson (#23), Darnell Waits (#52), Austin Randall (#73), Colden Davis (#16), Jake Andrews (#75), Devontae Cannon (#66), Whitt Bassham (#2), Kelly Evans (#74)

The 2018-2019 football season has come to an end, and though the Jackets came to experience a loss against Harrison Friday, November 16th,  the team continues to persevere in terms of accomplishment.

This past season, the Jackets continued to overcome obstacles and weaknesses improving each week throughout conference play,  proving the team worthy of the playoffs.

“I’m very proud of the improvement we made throughout the season. What I’m most proud of is that the guys came through when the team needed them to. They hustled all year and I am grateful to them for that,” says Defensive Coordinator Drew Smyly.

Sixteen Yellowjacket players manage to qualify as All-Conference and All-State players for the 2018 WHS football season.

A few of the players look back on the last game and relish in their accomplishments, agreeing with the quote by Vince Lombardi “If you can’t accept losing, you can’t win.” They also say the losses this season help them get ready for the next, learning from their mistakes.

Senior starters play their last down of football. Most will never strap on that helmet again. With sentiment, they say they made sure to give this season’s games their all.

In the final play of the Harrison game, driving his guy back about 20 yards , Senior Jake Andrews recalls “At that moment, I didn’t really care if I died on the field.”

“It takes real dedication to give it all, even in the face of defeat” Senior Andrew Mohr says.

“And as we gather together in the middle of the field after the game, whether we lose or win, we show our love and our pride for the way our school continues to move ahead,” projects Senior Allen Watson.