Get Real, Here’s The Deal!

Annabelle Evans, Writer/Video-Editor

Tuesday, October 23, 2018, the seniors got the privilege to see what it’s like to experience adulthood. Many people from around Wynne came to Wynne High School to teach the seniors how to write a check, manage a checkbook, and decide between what’s most important to pay for in life. Seniors went into classrooms where they learned how to make out a check, and get a scenario for their life. Many ended up married, single, with no children, or with children. Based off what the scenario the students received, showed what they had to manage their money around.

Senior Derien Fahringer says, “It definitely made me think about how I needed to manage my money when it comes to bills and other stuff.” Senior Russell Winders adds, “I did benefit, I learned things I never knew. Especially one basic thing, how to write a check.”

The senior class then separated into their academies, with BCH2 going to the blue gym, and STEAM going to the gold gym. While there, many stations set up for students to go around to help them decide what they needed the most. Although some seniors think there’s room for improvement. Winders says, “Some things could have been more realistic, for example, the clothing station.”

Both Winders and Fahringer agree that this experience helped for their future and it really showed them how to manage their money.