Fear Factor: What Makes You Tick?

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Fear Factor: What Makes You Tick?

Annabelle Evans, Contributor

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Many people know what it’s like to experience fear. You bite your nails, with your heart beating rapidly and unyieldingly, and you can even feel adrenaline coursing through your veins.

Believe it or not, some people actually take interest in feeling scared. Some people flourish at the feeling of watching scary movies or walking through a haunted house, just for the fun of it. Senior Donovan Wilson says he thinks people get such a thrill out of Halloween because “They get to dress out of character and get to feel alive. They get an adrenaline rush.”

Senior Anastasia Isreal says she enjoys Halloween “Because of the candy, the costumes, being with friends, and going out to be scared.”

Feeling scared makes for a thrilling experience, especially for high schoolers. Junior Baylee Brockway says “I get a thrill out of being scared because it makes me have an adrenaline rush.” Wilson says he also gets a thrill from feeling scared. His reaction, scream, and facial expressions are always funny. Isreal says, “I get a thrill, I love it. It’s chilling.”

There’s many scary movies that continue as traditions to watch around every Halloween, from Hocus Pocus to John Carpenter’s Halloween. Brockway says, “My favorite scary movie is Insidious. It makes you jump every second, and it keeps you entertained the whole time.”

Wilson says, “My favorite scary movie is Jeepers Creepers. I just like it, it’s good to me. It’s way better than the second one.” Isreal says, “My favorite scary movie is Halloween because it makes me jump out of my skin.”

Our small town, Wynne, isn’t known for haunted houses. So if you want to get a wave of fear, you have to go elsewhere. Wilson and Isreal both agree they wish we had a haunted house, trail, or even a corn maze here in Wynne. Wilson says “Kids are out, and there’s lots of traffic. I wish there was a haunted house here, so I don’t have to travel.”

Everyone have a fun and safe Halloween, beware of what lurks at night!

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