WHS Choir Takes on All-Region

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WHS Choir Takes on All-Region

(Not pictured, Brady Hess)

(Not pictured, Brady Hess)

(Not pictured, Brady Hess)

(Not pictured, Brady Hess)

Candice Williams and MaryKatherine Osborne

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Saturday, October 13th, 21 Wynne High School Choir students attended Nettleton High School to audition for All-Region, and eleven students qualified.

Congratulations to the qualifying Choir members:

Soprano 1:

  • Destiny Davis (14th Chair)

Soprano 2:

  • Alondra Pena-Mercado (13th Chair)

Alto 1:

  • Shyra Moody (10th Chair)
  • Derien Fahringer (16th Chair)
  • Mary Smith (first alternate treble choir)

Tenor 1:

  • Markell Cox (1st Chair)
  • Brady Hess (5th Chair)
  • Devon Wright (15th Chair)

Tenor 2:

  • Caleb Arnold (4th Chair)
  • Hayden Hirons (13th Chair)

Bass 1:

  • Jalen Nickerson (5th Chair)

“I feel accomplished because all of the hard work I’ve put in the past years is finally starting to show,” says junior Markell Cox.

“I really am enjoying teaching all of the choirs at Wynne this year. Concert Choir works super hard each day and it is amazing that out of the 11 students placed in the All-Region Choir, 10 of them are eligible to audition for all-state choir in February. We really only worked on one of their audition pieces in class. The students had to show initiative and come to rehearsals after school or learned the music by practicing it on Google Classroom on their own. Wynne has always had a strong history for having a good choir, and I am happy to be a part of it now,” says Choir Director, Mr. Johnny Peoples.